/ 2023
this land is your land
Paul Arneth & Guillermina Burgos Fischer 

COUNCIL+, Berlin (curation Tim Rosenbaum)

Are we living on the land, or are we living off of the land? Are we being spectators looking from the outside into space, or are we the spectacle positioned within space? Taking pride in heritage and ownership is strongly connected to the accumulation of resources, a need for security, and the pursuit of a legacy. Differing between claiming space and claiming ownership is difficult. ‘This land is your land’ is the result of Paul Arneth’s and Guillermina Burgos Fischer’s research into the cultural transfiguration of land and landscape, as well as the socioeconomic and ecological outcomes that follow. However, it is this transfigured understanding of land which renders - with devastating consequences - an international philosophy of spatial and thus personal conquest, often times connected to certain myths and legends in order to justify appropriation and occupation. People are the space they occupy, and the land’s very existence becomes its own demise. With the result that often times none of the initial qualities the land was sought out for remain. ‘This land is your land’ explores the dynamics and correlations between ownership, voyeurism, space, and resistance.

My presence in space is inherently absurd. But my resilience is testimony to my existence.
I’m still here, and I will prevail.