/ 2023
fathers chariot /THE FALL
Sally von Rosen, Claire Barrow, Billie Clarken, Fjorsk, Nadine Lohof, Tim Rosenbaum

COUNCIL+ X VRB Gallery, Berlin (curation Tim Rosenbaum)

The exhibition’s title originates from the greek mythology of Phaeton urging his father, the sun god Helios, to drive his sun-chariot for one day. Misjudging his abilities, Phaeton brings disaster upon the world and his fall is the inevitable consequence. This stigma of hubris, the overestimation of one’s competencies is a recurring theme in privileged western societies. Drawing an analogy to the idea that art will always excel the artist, the exhibition invites to self-reflect and leaves you with the question to explore the discrepancy between making an impression and trying to do so.